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White Road

Cross Cultural

In 2012, Thai government implemented a new technology policy entitle “One Tablet Per Child” (OTPC) for primary and secondary education, which aims to increase the teacher’s competency and student’s competency development.

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    The Open Educational Resources (OERs) have been influencing the landscape of global higher education institutions for the past decade. The openness of OER has provided opportunities to people for sharing ideas and knowledge; and connecting and collaborating among institutions, educators, and learners locally and internationally. 

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        Toyota WhiteRoad Project aims to increate citizen’s knowledge on road safety, which is mandatory by law. The WhiteRoad Project is designed as a social learning network among experts, teachers, and students. The training and simulation from this project provide learner knowledge and problem-solving skills when they encounter accidents.

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        This course offers students culture learning experiences throughout variety of activities such as field trip observation from online and real time hands-one experiences. Students will be able to enhance their cross-culture competency such as awareness, interpersonal skills, and appreciation throughout this course.

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Open Augmented Reality (Open AR)

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